Month: November 2022

Since the beginning of the year, NFT sales have fallen by 97%

Crypto enthusiasts are finding it increasingly difficult to make money on strange images of monkeys or 8-bit pictures. According to Dune Analytics, from January to September 2022, NFT trading volume decreased from $17 billion to just $466 million.

The current trading volume is lower than in June last year, when the NFT craze began.

The data was collected from NET marketplaces, including OpenSea, NFTS, LarvaLabs, LooksRare, Super Rare, Rarible and Foundation.

OpenSea, currently the largest NFT trading platform by volume, recorded a 75% drop in sales compared to two months earlier.

Although the number of transactions has decreased significantly, the total number of traders has almost not decreased. This is indicated by data published by the user Dune Analytics hildobby. In September of this […]

Outside the law. Why is it so easy for a crypto investor to become a victim of scammers and it is so difficult to return the stolen

The cryptosphere is a space free from the power of regulators and financial institutions. Thanks to this, it attracted a lot of retail investors… and scammers. According to Chainalysis, in 2021, the volume of stolen funds amounted to $6.2 billion.

It is not easy to track these schemes, and if the amount of damage is not so large as to justify the costs, law enforcement officers may simply refuse to investigate. How the cryptosphere will develop and what is necessary to ensure security — in the retelling of the FT material.

52-year-old resident of London Lily realized that she had become a victim of fraud on her birthday. Sitting at the table, she told her daughter, who works in a hedge fund, […]

BANK: A mysterious fintech project that competes with Revolution

Until recently, the BVNK startup was practically unknown. But in May 2022, he closed the $40 million Series A round and received a post-investment valuation of $340 million. The article tells about the history of the project and how it is going to compete with the leaders in fintech.

The strangeness begins with the name. As the 24-year-old co-founder and product director of BVNK, George Davis, says, it means banking, “turned upside down.” However, in an informal setting, employees simply call it “the bank”.

But the company is engaged not so much in banking as in cryptocurrency B2B payments.

BVNK officially launched just 11 months ago, in October 2021, and did not receive any external funding until the May round. Even by the […]

Stripe for cryptocurrencies

Davis says that BVNK’s mission is to become a “Stripe for Cryptocurrencies” — a service that will carry out transactions from fiat currencies, such as euros or US dollars, to cryptocurrency, from fiat to fiat and from cryptocurrency to fiat.

The startup’s clients are other businesses. He sells them an API that handles the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies for fiat money — for the various currencies they want to use.

BVNK is focused on both crypto companies and organizations that would like to be able to process cryptocurrency — for example, to allow their customers to pay with bitcoins — but are not going to create the necessary infrastructure on their own.

BVNK says it has about 150 clients, although it does […]