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Do you need customers urgently?

Customers are urgently needed with the help of a “selling post” in a group or on a page, you can quickly generate a lot of customers. The options work, and are practically free for you, but they have one significant disadvantage. If the site, page, group is yours, it means that potential buyers already have your product or they have already bought your service. Accordingly, with a high probability, they are unlikely to need another product or another service soon, so they are unlikely to sell something urgently.

To make sure the sale took place urgently

In order for the sale to take place urgently, the customer must be “fresh”, who has not yet bought your product or service. Where to get […]

Quick return on business

Quick return on business If you need the fastest possible return on business, then auditing it will help in this case. With the help of business analysis, you can find its weaknesses and subsequently strengthen them. There are no perfect businesses, so you can always find dozens of weak points. Accordingly, you can always find dozens of ways to improve your business and return on it.

It is also important to conduct an advertising audit and a sales audit

There are many audit directions, but the most important ones are those that bring customers and, accordingly, money. One of the directions that leads customers is marketing. If it is weak or if it is not, customer losses can reach 1000%. This means […]

Stripe for cryptocurrencies

Davis says that BVNK’s mission is to become a “Stripe for Cryptocurrencies” — a service that will carry out transactions from fiat currencies, such as euros or US dollars, to cryptocurrency, from fiat to fiat and from cryptocurrency to fiat.

The startup’s clients are other businesses. He sells them an API that handles the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies for fiat money — for the various currencies they want to use.

BVNK is focused on both crypto companies and organizations that would like to be able to process cryptocurrency — for example, to allow their customers to pay with bitcoins — but are not going to create the necessary infrastructure on their own.

BVNK says it has about 150 clients, although it does […]

Cryptocurrency Growth Plan

Since its launch, BVNK has increased its headcount by 300%, from 40 to 160 people, and plans to increase it to 250 in the next 12 months.

The new employees will work all over the world, and more than half of them will be related to product and development. Also, as they enter new markets, they will attract people to work with local regulatory authorities.

The company has already begun expansion into North America, where it has hired several local product and development specialists.

“Most likely, this is a bet on winning by capturing the market.

Now it is cheap to expand, while the cryptocurrency is not so popular, and thus the number of competitors with capital will be less. The project relies on […]