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Endless return on business

Business with limitless opportunities Business audit increases the flow of hot customers, marketing strategy allows you to warm up cold customers. But this is not always enough to get as many customers as you need. Some businesses need thousands and sometimes millions of customers in order to maximize the return from them. There is not always such a number of them ready-made, but this is not a problem.

an endless return on business opens up

If there are not enough customers on the market, you can always create them in the right amount. Those who take the risk to do this will get an infinite return on business and, accordingly, infinite sales volumes. The method seems complicated, but in fact it is […]

Outside the law. Why is it so easy for a crypto investor to become a victim of scammers and it is so difficult to return the stolen

The cryptosphere is a space free from the power of regulators and financial institutions. Thanks to this, it attracted a lot of retail investors… and scammers. According to Chainalysis, in 2021, the volume of stolen funds amounted to $6.2 billion.

It is not easy to track these schemes, and if the amount of damage is not so large as to justify the costs, law enforcement officers may simply refuse to investigate. How the cryptosphere will develop and what is necessary to ensure security — in the retelling of the FT material.

52-year-old resident of London Lily realized that she had become a victim of fraud on her birthday. Sitting at the table, she told her daughter, who works in a hedge fund, […]