Do you need customers urgently?

Customers are urgently needed with the help of a “selling post” in a group or on a page, you can quickly generate a lot of customers. The options work, and are practically free for you, but they have one significant disadvantage. If the site, page, group is yours, it means that potential buyers already have your product or they have already bought your service. Accordingly, with a high probability, they are unlikely to need another product or another service soon, so they are unlikely to sell something urgently.

To make sure the sale took place urgently

In order for the sale to take place urgently, the customer must be “fresh”, who has not yet bought your product or service. Where to get “fresh customers”? There are actually a lot of options to get “fresh customers”. You can advertise on television, radio, on a billboard, order contextual advertising, and so on. Their coverage is quite large, but they are paid and quite expensive. As a result, you can spend more money than you earn.

Is there an option that allows you to get a lot of customers, almost for free, quickly, from those who have not bought yet? Yes, there is such a way – it is an e-mail newsletter on specially collected databases. It makes little sense to make a newsletter on your own, carefully and for a long time collected database, for the reason that the client will not be very “fresh”, because he most likely already received an offer earlier and probably even bought something. In order for the client to be “fresh”, there must be addresses in the database to which you have not yet made an offer.